About ANU Law Reform and Social Justice

cropped-ANU-LRSJ.jpgLaw reform and social justice activity at the ANU College of Law was established in 2007 with the creation of the Director of Law Reform and Social Justice position, currently held by Professor Simon Rice.

But the history can be traced back to a conference held by the ANU Faculty of Law in 1974, entitled “Australian Lawyers and Social Change”. The proceedings of that conference were published in a book of the same name edited by David Hambly and Jack Goldring. Thirty years later, in 2004, the ANU Faculty of Law and the National Institute of Social Sciences & Law held another conference on Australian lawyers and social change, revisiting some of the earlier themes and taking a fresh look at the roles of Australian lawyers in the twenty-first century.

During the 2004 conference, some of the participants in the 1974 conference reflected on the earlier conference and the changes that have occurred since. In 2011 and beyond, the ANU College of Law continues that inquiry through its teaching curriculum, academic research and social justice initiatives. Its law reform and social justice activities explore and interrogate the complex role of law in society, and the part that lawyers play in promoting both change and stability.

Student Social Justice Projects

Law Reform and Social Justice have a number of student-run projects that provide the valuable opportunity for students to use their research skills in a practical way and to understand the operation of law in society through community engagement. Students get the chance to interact with academic staff outside of the lecture theatre, work with early and later year students, and foster a commitment to social justice and law reform through volunteer activities. All students of the ANU College of Law – undergraduate, JD, and graduate – are welcome to be involved in current projects, and to suggest new activities.

Students are assisted by and work with faculty advisers. Current faculty advisers can be found here.

Some of our students have offered their perspectives on working with LRSJ here.

Students are always coming to us with ideas for new projects and we help to get them established. Please contact us at lrsj@anu.edu.au.

Please have a look through the Projects below and we hope to hear from you!