We are a research group based at the Australian National University that empowers the public, increases access to information and raises awareness on issues of corporate accountability.

The Corporate Accountability Project (CAP) is an initiative spearheaded by the ANU College of Law’s Law Reform & Social Justice Program. Originally conceived as the Global Corporate Power Project, the new form of the project aims to cover four principal areas in which corporate law and social justice meet: corruption, labour, human rights, and the environment.


The Project

The Project has three main objectives: aggregation, working paper and NGO advisory.

ClipboardAggregation: This primarily involves monitoring and disseminating information regarding the four areas on which we focus. The Monitors for each of these areas are responsible for collating and creating the content for an online blog administered by one of the Project Leaders.

FolderWorking Paper: The Project aims to connect students with academics on a particular research project concerning the areas in which CAP focuses. In this way, students gain valuable legal research experience and often a mention in the acknowledgements of the finalised Working Paper, and CAP has content to disseminate to the interested public.

NGOAdvisory: CAP also provides assistance to Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) on a particular research project which they themselves may be conducting. This could include conducting research in an area with the expectation of producing a report rather than a publishable paper. At this stage, CAP is establishing the necessary connections to begin operations in this area.